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How to Buy and Sell on BaloTrade?

How to buy and sell on BaloTrade?

BaloTrade.com, being an online B2B marketplace, allows the sellers to sell while buyers to buy different types of goods from a wide range of the market. With a variety of products at a wholesale rate and in bulk amount, along with sellers from all around the world, BaloTrade helps a lot in online trades by connecting thousands of peoples. Both the sellers and buyers can easily sign up at BaloTrade.com and start selling or buying immediately. With the easy-to-use procedure, signup gifts and offers, BaloTrade remains on the top among many other B2B markets. Here, we now discuss how one can start selling or buying on BaloTrade.com.

How to sell and buy on BaloTrade?

The basic process of sign up is the same for both buyers and sellers. You can sign up as a buyer, seller or even as both. By providing your email address, full name, password, country of residence and phone number you can easily sign up at BaloTrade.com. Alternatively, for quick registration, one can also sign up with his Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account. Click here to sign up

Sellers from all around the world can sign up for free in order to sell their products with very simple steps to add products after sign up is completed you will be automatically signed in and the system will assist you to complete your profile and add your products by forwarding you to all important steps. Just after signup, as a gift from BaloTrade, sellers get to upload up to 50 products for free by which they can immediately start their business. Even after availing the gift, they are provided with the most economical packages so that they continue to earn handsomely. Sellers can also upload each and every item they manufacture, in several categories for the ease of buyers and for themselves as well. Furthermore, BaloTrade gives this advantage of direct communication between the seller and the buyer, by which sellers can directly contact with their clients and do all the dealings according to them.

For the buyers, as usual, the process, as well as the further dealings, are quite easy. Buyers can easily sign up through the process as mentioned above. Without any memberships or payments, they can directly start browsing through the website for the product they require. The categorization makes it easier for them to locate what they need. Moreover, they can also find related products to what they needed, all of them, which can be sorted with respect to time, popularity, price, and manufacturer, etc.  By simply contacting the seller, doing the dealings and deciding how and when the product should be delivered, the buyer can get his delivery at his doorstep all according to his requirements.

Buyer and Seller payment security is most important to us, BaloTrade have in place a wallet payment system for escrow to secure payment between the buyer and the supplier, with this escrow system buyer can deposit the goods value amount in the escrow for seller to have the assurance of payment after the goods are delivered buyer can approve the payment to the seller with just a click. With this escrow system, both buyer and seller are secure, the buyer can approve payment and seller can be assured for payment without any doubt.

Another unique offer which only BaloTrade offers is its service of RFQ to its buyers. Normally a buyer chooses products with predefined rates of the seller. But with the help of RFQ which stands for “Request For Quotation”, a buyer gets the advantage of seeking bids from the sellers for the product he wants. In this way, he put forward competition amongst sellers and is able to purchase his product at the lowest market price.

Hence, through the article above, BaloTrade.com assures that trades and services like it cannot be found at any other B2B market. From easy sign-ups to scam-proof trades and beyond expectation assistances, BaloTrade has won hearts of many and continue to increase its circle worldwide. Having a large network of buyers and sellers, it remains on the top of the list. So, hurry up and become part of the world’s leading B2B market with exciting offers and most excellent service. For more detail guide please visit our help center https://support.balotrade.com or chat with us via the live chat.


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