Frequently Asked Questions


First login or sign up then click products in your dashboard, you will see add products click this to start adding all your products. You can add up to 50 products as a free member, if you want to add more products upgrade is needed.
Over 40 products categories
You can get paid through Stripe, Wire Transfer and PayPal
No, this is handle by supplier


You can do so by redeem request from your wallet page
No, first discuss with supplier about Gurantee before your order, if anything goes wrong with your order you can open a dispute on the product in your product page


Go to your wallet page and click on Add amount in wallet
Contact the support from the contact page or online chat
Yes, You can add your local bank account details from settings


If you are a new user as supplier or both you need to complete your user and supplier (company) profile from your dashboard menu before you can add your products. After you complete this steps then you can click products from your dashboard menu, you will see add new products click on this to add your product. Fill all the required field then click add product to save your product

RFQ (Request For Quotation)

RFQ mean Request for Quotation this tools is use by buyer to get quotations of a product or service from multiple suppliers on BaloTrade.com.


User Profile is very important as a buyer, supplier or both, this will help your business partners or users who are interested to carry out business with you to find your contact details and get to know you. Don't hold back to fill your user profile so more business can find and meet you on the go.
Supplier or Company profile is very important to fill as a supplier, with your company profile your buyers can read about your company and build trust. So its very important to type the correct information about your company details because this will help your buyers to trust and give you a try. If you don't add your company details you will not be able to add your products on BaloTrade.com. If you want to sell it better to edit your supplier profile now and fill the field with accurate information