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How to Promote Your Products

How to Promote Your Products

As a supplier, you can promote your products while adding it on BaloTrade or after adding it for more visibility to buyers, if you promote your products more buyers will see it and this will give you the greatest chance for more daily inquiries and fast sales of your products. So how to promote your products on BaloTrade? Please follow the below steps as we dive into this step by step.

On the top header dropdown the menu with the title Hello! your name and select My Account or click here

In your account page click on "Products" located by the left menu, if you are using a mobile device you need to drop down the menu to see this or clickhere. After clicking on Products your added products will be listed then click on the "Promote" button this will open the product details for you to enable the promotion. If you have not added any products yet click on "Add New Product".

In the product edit page scroll down to locate the "Product Promotion" section, select "Yes" then fill the promotion starting date and the ending date using the calendar.

Then click on "Edit Product" to make payment after the payment is successful, click on the "Edit Product" once again to save your changes.

Make payment with your credit or debit card. After your payment is approved you need to click on the edit again to submit. In case you get an error in product price that means you have previously selected no for *Is Negotiable? so you need to select yes then select back no and submit.


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