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GuangZhou JingTai Garment Accessories Co.Ltd

GuangZhou JingTai Garment Accessories Co.Ltd

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GuangZhou JingTai Garment Accessories Co.Ltd

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GuangZhou JingTai Garment Accessories Co.Ltd

101 - 500 square meters

Tan Tianxiao


51 - 100 People

Guangzhou Jingtai Garment Accessories Co., Ltd. was established in August 2017. Its predecessor was Jingdian Laser Hot Drilling and Hot Stamping Factory established in 2005. It is a professional supplier of high-quality garment accessories process development, design, production and processing in China. After years of dedicated efforts, the company has its own unique advantages in the industry: 1. Innovative development team: Keep up with the fashion trends of clothing accessories and craft products, combine new technologies at home and abroad, be good at applying combinations of different craftsmanship, and carry out cutting-edge development and design in combination with customers' market needs, quickly and effectively help customers adapt to differences Market demand. 2. Refined sales team: Most of the members are elites with many years of experience in the industry, providing professional and caring services to customers. 3. Strong processing and production capacity: long-term and stable employees are engaged in production and processing, which can meet the needs of fast and powerful production and processing of different sizes, from concise to complex and different orders. The main products are high-quality hot diamond hot stamping, laminating, calcination, hot stamping of furry cloth, glue dispensing process, digital printing, high-precision digital engraving process, laser thermal transfer hot stamping, DIY, zipper laminating decoration Film technology, hot melt adhesive, decorative film, lettering film, hot paper, hot film, onion powder transfer film and other clothing accessories products, combined with years of accumulated experience, the company provides products with stable quality, beautiful and fashionable patterns, and exquisite craftsmanship. The customers of the cooperation are stable and well developed. The company adheres to the principle of low-profit operation and continuous development to ensure superior cost-effective products.
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Room 501, No. 13, Dagang East Street, Baiyun Lake Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

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