Shining Jins Enterprise Co., Ltd.
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Shining Jins Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Shining Jins Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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Shining Jins Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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101 - 500 square meters

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51 - 100 People

Advantages of cold forged products: Material savings Eliminate and/or reduce additional machining operations Improved strength, mechanical properties, grain flow Improved surface finish vs machined products High-speed production Less scrap
General industrial applications forging and cold-forming metal parts ,Custom made cold forged fasteners,Cold forging loud-Speakers part : T-Yoke,Power Tools parts, CNC Turned and Machined Components,Cold Forging And Precision Machining Parts,Forged Fitting,Manufacture of precision cold forged and turned parts,Metal stamping parts,Pole piece (T-Yoke) for Loud-Speakers and alarms raw driver,Shafts & special-headed parts,Headed rivet, axle and pins,Custom fasteners,Cold forged and precision parts,Tubular parts
No.107, Lane 530, Sec. 1, Guoji Road, Taoyuan Dist.,

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