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TAG (the african gate)
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TAG (the african gate)

TAG (the african gate)

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TAG (the african gate)

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Giza, al-Jizah, Egypt


Trading Company



hossam mohammed

101 - 500 square meters

mohammed elbanna

11 - 50 People

growers , exporters , all products from our farms , preparing under specialist team , TAG was established as a new member of a Caironix group in 2012 with stating Capital U$D 100K to reach U$D 700K by end of 2016 Our products are preparing under the control of the Egyptian association for sustainable agri, and all products Inspection under the specific code based on the precise analysis of the Central Laboratory for Agricultural Climate Research, the Central Laboratory for Medical and Aromatic Plants Research and the Agricultural Quarantine Center for pesticide residue detection. 1. Department of Meteorological Applications Research (AARD). 2. Biological Agriculture Research Department (BARD). 3. Unsatisfactory Agriculture Research Department (SCRD). 4. Climate Modification Research Division (CMRD).
Oasis road, building no.241 behind MSA university 6th of October City, Giza - Egypt

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